Unsere technische Ausstattung

Update: April 2024



FoH position: 9m / 30ft from stage; 2m / 6,5ft off center (fix)
Monitor World: stage left (fix)


4 x Kling&Freitag Line 212-6 (two per side)
8 x Kling&Freitag Subs SW115i (underneath stage)
4 x Kling&Freitag CA106 (Near Fills)
2 x Kling&Freitag CA1215 (Delays)
2 x Linear Research ASC48
3 x Powersoft digam K3 (one for Tops, two for Subs)
1 x Crest CPX1500 (Near Fills)
1 x Crest CPX2600 (Delays)


Soundcraft Vi 4; 48 Input ch. at stage box
alt. (if analogue required) the ML3000 from Mon. position
1 x Klark DN360 (L/R)
1 x dbx stereo EQ 31 band (Fills/Delays)
1 x TC M-one
1 x Lexicon MPX 1
1 x Yamaha SPX 90 II
1 x TC D-two Delay
1 x dbx stereo Compressor 266
4 x Drawmer stereo Compressor DL241
2 x Glockenklang 4 ch. Noise Gate
1 x CD Player


Soundcraft Vi1; 32 Inputs ch. 24 Output ch.
Alt. (if analogue required) Allen&Heath ML3000 Mixing Console
36 mono, 6 stereo ch.; 8 VCA; 8 Aux
8 x Wedges Kling&Freitag CA1515-6
1 x Sub Kling&Freitag SW115 for Drum Fill
2 x quad Amps powersoft digam M50Q (8 ch.)
1 x Crest CPX1500 (bridged for Drum Fill Top)
1 x Crest CPX2600 (bridged for Drum Fill Sub)
4 x dbx 231 stereo EQ

Mics / DIs:

1 x AKG D112
1 x Shure Beta52
1 x Shure Beta91
6 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure Beta58
5 x Shure SM57
4 x Sennheiser e604
2 x Sennheiser e606
2 x Sennheiser MD421
1 x Sennheiser MD441
1 x Audix i5
2 x Neumann KM184 condenser
1 x Neumann KM185 condenser
4 x Behringer B5 condenser
2 x Behringer B2pro large diaphragm
6 x DI passiv Monacor stageline
6 x DI active BSS AR133
2 x Austrian Audio OC818
3 x Sennheiser 904
3 x SE Electronics V3


Light FOH:
on center balcony (not next to Sound FOH)

1 x High End Systems Road Hog 4
1 x 22“ external Touchscreen

2 DMX Universes (DIM and LED fixtures)
1 Ethernet Cat 6 connection between FOH and Stage
(usable for digital Networks or via RJ45 <-> 4x DMX adapter)

Front Truss (main):
6 x ETC Junior Zoom Profiler 25-50° 575W
5 x Arri 650W Fresnel
2 x 1kW Fresnel

Front Truss (2nd):
1 x Arri 650W Fresnel
2 x LED Fresnel 70W warm white
2 x Audience Blinder LED 2ch warm white

Side Truss:
8 x PAR64 500W CP88

Back Truss (main):
21 x PAR64 500W CP86
5 x TourLed 28 ProZoom
6 x JB Lighting Sparx 7

Backtruss (2nd):
9 x Par64 500W CP86
5 x TourLed 28 ProZoom
2 x Litecraft AT10SX Led Bar (Backdrop)

4 x PAR 64 500W CP86 Shortnose Floorspot
2 x Stairville LED Flatpar
2 x SGM P2 LED Flood
2 x Astera Ax 2 Led Bar
6 x Astera Ax 5 Led Par
16 x Astera FP1 Titan Tube Led Stick

Hazer (fixed position):
1 x MDG ATMe
1 x DMX Fan

Due to fire regulations the use of Haze must be announced in advance!
The use of fog machines is not possible.

DMX Patch








































Stage Music Hall
Front View

Frontstage: 9,00m (B) x 3,50m (T) x 1,10m (H) / 29ft (w) x 11ft (d) x 4ft (h)
Backstage: 5,00m (B) x 2,50m (T) / 16ft (w) x 8ft (d) – 16cm / 6” higher than frontstage
clearence: 3,00…3,30m / 9,80…10,80ft

stage with carpet
risers available (6 tables 1m x 2m / 3,3ft x 6,6ft) flexible height drum carpet

backline power supply:
230V Schuko (2 x 16Amp)
1 x stepdown transformer 110V (1000VA)
1 x US extension (3 outlets)


back of the hall, 15m / 50ft distance from stage (no stairs)


Bus Power

1 x 16Amp CEE (tri)
1 x 16Amp Schuko (single)
Music Hall Worpswede · Findorffstraße 21 · 27726 Worpswede · Germany · info@musichall-worpswede.de · +49 4792 950139
5 min walk to hotel


Mapex Saturn Pro (Walnut / Maple)
22” Bassdrum (Remo Pinstripe)
10” Racktom (coated Ambassador)
12” Racktom (coated Ambassador)
14” Floortom (coated Ambassador)
14” Snare Tamburo Maple (coated Ambassador)

1 x single kickdrum pedal (Tama Iron Cobra)
1 x snare stand
1 x HH stand (Pearl)
4 x cymbal boom stand
1 x drum throne (Dixon)

Sonor Armoni
14” hihat
16” crash
20” ride

Grand Piano (Bösendorfer)

2 x guitar stand
2 x music stand (incl. lamp)