Unsere technische Ausstattung: Stand 21.05.2019

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FoH position: 9m / 30ft from stage; 2m / 6,5ft off center (fix)
Monitor World: stage left (fix)

4 x Kling&Freitag Line 212-6 (two per side)
8 x Kling&Freitag Subs SW115i (underneath stage)
4 x Kling&Freitag CA106 (Near Fills)
2 x Kling&Freitag CA1215 (Delays)
1 x Controller EV DX38
1 x Kling&Freitag Analog System Controller CA10
3 x Powersoft digam K3 (one for Tops, two for Subs)
1 x Crest CPX1500 (Near Fills)
1 x Crest CPX2600 (Delays)
 FoH: Soundcraft Vi 4; 48 Input ch. at stage box
alt. (if analogue required) the ML3000 from Mon. position
1 x Klark DN360 (L/R)
1 x dbx stereo EQ 31 band (Fills/Delays)
1 x TC M-one
1 x Lexicon MPX 1
1 x Yamaha SPX 90 II
1 x TC D-two Delay
1 x dbx stereo Compressor 266
4 x Drawmer stereo Compressor DL241
2 x Glockenklang 4 ch. Noise Gate
1 x CD Player
 Monitor Soundcraft Vi 1; 32 Input ch. 24 Output ch.   Allen&Heath ML3000 Mixing Console
36 mono, 6 stereo ch.; 8 VCA; 8 Aux
8 x Wedges Kling&Freitag CA1515-6
1 x Sub Kling&Freitag SW115 for Drum Fill
2 x quad Amps powersoft digam M50Q (8 ch.)
1 x Crest CPX1500 (bridged for Drum Fill Top)
1 x Crest CPX2600 (bridged for Drum Fill Sub)
4 x dbx 231 stereo EQ
 Mics / DIs: 1 x AKG D112
1 x Shure Beta52
1 x Shure Beta91
6 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure Beta58
5 x Shure SM57
4 x Sennheiser e604
2 x Sennheiser e606
2 x Sennheiser MD421
1 x Sennheiser MD441
1 x Audix i5
2 x Neumann KM184 condenser
1 x Neumann KM185 condenser
4 x Behringer B5 condenser
2 x Behringer B2pro large diaphragm
6 x DI passiv Monacor stageline
6 x DI active BSS AR133
2 x DPA 4099
 LIGHT Light operator: balcony back of the hall center (fix)
Follow position: next to light operator
zero88 Leap Frog 48
 Dimmerpacks: 30 channel 2 kW
 Front Truss: 4 x Fresnel 1kW (coemar)
6 x Fresnel Arri 650W
4 x ETC Junior Zoom Profiler 25-50° 575W
4 x Audience Blinder 500W (1 ch.)
 Back/Side Truss:Moving Heads:
35 x PAR64 500W CP86/88 (total:15 ch.)
1 x PAR36 acl (8 on 2 bars)
6 x JBL Sparx 7
4 x Pearl River Pilot 250 W Spot
 Floorspots: 2 x SGM P 2 LED Wash/Flood
2 x Litecraft AT10SX LED Bar
6 x Floors PAR 64 CP86/88
 Follow: 1 x 575W daylight (Ultralite)
 Fog: 1 x Hazer (unique2)
Frontstage: 9,00m (B) x 3,50m (T) x 1,10m (H) / 29ft (w) x 11ft (d) x 4ft (h)
Backstage: 5,00m (B) x 2,50m (T) / 16ft (w) x 8ft (d) – 16cm / 6″ higher than frontstage
clearence: 3,00…3,30m / 9,80…10,80ft
stage with carpet
risers available (6 tables 1m x 2m / 3,3ft x 6,6ft) flexible height
drum carpet available
backline power supply: 230V Schuko (2 x 16Amp)
1 x stepdown transformer 110V (1000VA)
1 x US extension (3 outlets)
 Loading: back of the hall, 15m / 50ft distance from stage (no stairs)
 Bus Power: 1 x 16Amp CEE (tri)
1 x 16Amp Schuko (single)
Mapex Saturn Pro (Walnut / Maple)
22″ Bassdrum (Remo Pinstripe)
10″ Racktom (coated Ambassador)
12″ Racktom (coated Ambassador)
14″ Floortom (coated Ambassador)
14″ Snare Tamburo Maple (coated Ambassador)
hardware: 1 x single kickdrum pedal (Tama Iron Cobra)
1 x snare stand
1 x HH stand (Pearl)
4 x cymbal boom stand
cymbals: Sonor Armoni
14″ hihat
16″ crash
20″ ride
1 x drum throne (Dixon)
Keys: Grand Piano (Bösendorfer)
1 x Piano stool (bench)
Misc: 2 x guitar stand
2 x music stand (incl. lamp)